About Fly

Guaranteeing Seamless On-The-Go Experience

Fly is a leading brand triumphantly preserving its stronghold in the travel luggage industry in India. We supply an expanding field of travel bags and cases. Our intent is to eradicate the traveling challenges that come with packing and unpacking. Fly offers a variety of luggage that is devised to make your travel days stress-free and enjoyable!

How We Began

We had around 40 years of experience in the luggage industry, which led us to create the brand of our dreams. We started as S B Commo Trade Private Limited but later relaunched our brand in 2015 as Fly. After our new launch, we became a renowned brand within a few years due to the massive popularity. We strive to become a company that makes travel accessories within reach of all kinds of people. Instead of luxurious, we aspired to be recognized as economical.

Our Inspiration

We have been tied very closely to this industry. Travel makes us happy, and we wished to establish a trademark that helps our people running to their dream destination. The problem of broken zippers, needless bulkiness, or a stuck wheel is not unknown. Many of us struggle with such issues, which drains the pleasant mood. With Fly, we succeeded to come up with a solution. Our designs fit everyone. Be it a family, business person, travelers, everyone will find their perfect travel companion at the most fair price!

What We Want to Archive

We believe traveling is incomplete without the perfect luggage. Whether you are visiting your relative, attempting a world tour, or venturing among nature, you need a seamless travel companion. Fly is growing and improving every day. We offer products that ease your burden and keep you organized. Each one of our inventions is tested by experts in order to deliver a pleasant experience. We invest more in innovation, design, and creativity. Combining spectacular designs with remarkable functions is what we do.

Delivering Quality Within Your Reach

Fly believes in options. Travel is for everyone, and everyone deserves a decent experience. We offer prices that no one can match! Our technology and strategy are oriented around our customers, which makes our goal successful. We want to make sure people with different tastes and budgets find their desired luggage. At Fly, fashionable designs, as well as family-friendly options for travelers and business people, are available.

In-house Production & Verified Quality

We perform trial and checks on each of our products in our facility. Before going into production, all materials are tested extensively by our experts. Fly is concerned about the quality and provides only a premium feel to the users. Fly combines quality with reasonable costs to reach every corner of India.

We want to become the best with every one of you! Travelling unites us as a community. With your trust and support, we have established a company that works to fulfill dreams. We are not going to stop here; we believe there is always room for growth.




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